How thick brick drive is tempered

    "No innovation, die. "The development of Chinese building ceramics after more than 30 years, has completed a gradual transition from simple replication to self-sufficiency of innovative development stage, China ceramic tile brand also mushroomed in the domestic market occurred in, innovation has become the consensus of the ceramic industry. , Foshan City, founded in 2007, Jiao Jiao ceramic tiles limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as cellars), in China's ceramic industry, can only be regarded as "Junior", has missed an opportune time to mass production. Do not take advantage of cellar in terms of size, relying on innovation over the years of unremitting efforts, at a meeting of eliminated racing survive; as always persist in innovation, only the cellars of the country continue to grow today.

    The father of modern management, Peter · Drucker once said, decided that the economic development is not a Fortune 500, they decided the media, newspaper and television headlines actually accounted for the largest percentage of the GDP is still unknown and innovative small and medium enterprises, Jiao is one of them. Flexible business models, channels for professional development, strong product innovation capabilities, cellar innovations into enterprises development genes, singing all the way forward on the road of innovation, constantly looking for gaps in the market. "Innovation is the highest level of development of an enterprise. "Cellar CEO Yao Wenjiang firmly believes that pit road of innovation, will be able to bring business to another new height.

    Pit road to innovation, has been extended.


    If the enterprise is a ship, then its direction depends on pilot judgment. Pit in March on the road of innovation today, with Captain Yao Wenjiang Enterprise Innovation is inseparable from the accurate understanding, which is inseparable from the experience of his entire career.

    Yao Wenjiang was studying in University Science and engineering —— silicate professional, which makes him think when have more rigorous logical thought. Yao Wenjiang's first job after graduation was at a technology in Foshan ceramic enterprises of innovation and reputation in the industry. Two years ago, Yao Wenjiang engaged in production work back because of English skills, be transferred to engage in foreign trade. Yao Wenjiang's understanding of ceramic tile, but also deeper layers at this stage.

    A successful company not only produced enough outstanding products, should also have sales channels and marketing programs, bring products to market. Year of experience, yaowenjiangyou the opportunity to experience the rise of innovative enterprises. 40 years of Chinese building ceramic industry, depending on product innovation, technology innovation and marketing innovation of enterprises, which is leading the industry has been developing rapidly, Yao Wenjiang from already successful and innovative brand sees hope.

    From technical positions, do business in transition, again to set up a company he founded, Yao Wenjiang career change at a time, all Flash creative thinking light. Each turn, it requires more effort than others, which need to be man enough, diligent effort, also need to identify the direction of the future, and the courage to go all the way to the end, which, Yao Wenjiang did.

    Led by Yao Wenjiang cellar, has focused on foreign markets, the transition, nobody tells Yao Wenjiang, whether it will succeed, and how to be successful. But the fact is that, pit of bold innovation, has its own clear idea, making later determination and strong team support and success have beckoning not far away, just need to, in the process, persistence, persistence, persistence.

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    Country cellar in 2012 years in the official expand domestic market of offensive, is no expand lively of dealer investment will, but intense to in national the big city carried out Office of organized work; Dang others in busy launched subsection N generation inkjet micro-spar, and full throwing glaze products Shi, country cellar decided to carry up has "2cm thick Quintana porcelain quality brick global first" of big flag, main this paragraph alternative of non-mainstream products; Dang others in Terminal fighting, crazy construction stores of when, Country cellar is run to has participate in various stone exhibition, blend Yu various stone sales of channel in; Dang designer was one field massive of designer salon, activities siege Shi, country cellar of business personnel is designed to Engineering Institute, and site run; for Designer channel of develop, country cellar served Shang of not high rebate, but passed latest design concept of View Word class magazine, using country cellar in overseas market of advantage, take built both at home and abroad design exchange of platform.

    From Office new channel mode of develop, to 2cm thick Quintana porcelain quality brick, and inkjet mosaic, high-end products of launched, again to package of enterprise concept output, country cellar has from production to marketing, from within to outside, will innovation into to enterprise development of each link, to said country cellar and other ceramic enterprise of difference in where? Yao Wenjiang of answers is —— country cellar of innovation gene.

    "The market is now a race is a competition process, only you can run faster, keeping leading innovation capabilities so that enterprises can develop well. "Yao Wenjiang hope pit, to be run in the market's fastest-growing businesses, turn innovation into energy, into corporate vitality, transformed into unique brand competitiveness of enterprises.

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